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3M Earplug Lawsuits

Are you a military servicemember or veteran who has suffered tinnitus, hearing loss, or other injuries because of defective 3M earplugs?

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How Our Mobile Law Firm Can Help You Pursue Compensation

To protect its members from permanent hearing loss, the United States military regularly hands out millions of earplugs. However, these medical devices can only accomplish their goal if they are well-made and intelligently designed. Unfortunately, test results indicate that the dual-ended Combat Arms Earplugs provided to the military by the 3M Company from 2003 to 2015 were defective.

How Our Mobile Law Firm Can Help You Pursue Compensation

Since 2016, more than 1,700 veterans have filed 3M earplug lawsuits that allege that they have suffered injuries because of the defective devices. If you served in the Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, or Coast Guard between 2003 and 2015, and now have tinnitus or any other hearing damage, you may be eligible to do the same. 

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We firmly believe that military members who suffered hearing loss because of defective 3M earplugs should be adequately compensated for their injury. So, when you ask us to help you file suit against the Minnesota-based manufacturer, we will:

Review Your Eligibility

To be eligible to file a personal injury suit against the 3M Company, you must have served in the United States military between 2003 and 2015, and:

  • Have a tinnitus diagnosis from a physician, or
  • A hearing loss issue recognized by the Department of Veterans Affairs.

When you schedule a consultation with our law firm, we will review your eligibility and let you know if we think you have a strong case. We will also provide you with an estimate of the amount of financial restitution you might receive and the length of time it is likely to take to resolve your case.

If you are not eligible to file suit against 3M, you may still have some other legal options available. If so, our lawyers will walk you through them.

Handle Your Paperwork

Filing a personal injury lawsuit against a business as large as 3M can require a lot of paperwork – especially when the case also involves the United States military. Between formally filing suit with the court and requesting documents from the government, the list of forms to complete can seem never-ending.

Fortunately, when you hire Lattof & Lattof, PC, you won’t need to worry about filling out paperwork. Our team of skilled attorneys and administrative assistants will handle it all on your behalf.

Negotiate a Settlement with 3M’s Attorneys

As your case progresses, 3M’s legal team may reach out to offer you a settlement agreement. Of course, it is unlikely to be wise to accept their initial offer. It typically makes more sense to try to negotiate a better deal first.

The lawyers here at Lattof & Lattof, PC, have been negotiating deals of this nature for many years. We know what it takes to get massive companies like 3M to open their purse strings. When you hire us, we will work night and day to try to land you a favorable deal.

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3M Earplug Lawsuits – Understanding the Problem

The vast majority of earplugs on the market today are designed to do one thing – block out all sound. These products were unsuitable for military use because service members often need to be able to block out specific noises while allowing others to come through.

Fortunately, 3M and Aearo Technologies had the perfect solution – dual-ended Combat Arms Earplugs, Version 2 (CAEv2). 

The green side of these devices was designed to block out all noise, much like a traditional earplug. Service members could use this side when working around loud machinery or aircraft.

The yellow side of the 3M Combat Arms Earplug was designed to let low-level sounds (like verbal commands and footsteps) get through while blocking out loud impulse noises (like explosions). This side was often used during combat.

Of course, these earplugs can only function as intended if, when properly inserted, they form a tight seal in the soldier’s ear canal. This is where the 3M Combat Arms Earplugs fell short.

Clinical studies have shown that the CAEv2 devices would begin to loosen after as little as a few days of use. As a result, they would no longer form a protective seal, and dangerous levels of noise would get through to the wearer’s eardrum. 

Some time later, service members from every branch of the military began to develop tinnitus, auditory processing disorder, and other hearing issues. It is widely believed that these injuries were caused by 3M’s defective earplugs.

If you used 3M’s Combat Arms Earplugs, Version 2 (CAEv2) while you were in the military and are now dealing with hearing problems, please contact Lattof & Lattof, PC, as soon as possible. We may be able to help you recover some well-deserved financial restitution.

Which Service Members Received Defective 3M Earplugs?

No branch of the United States military has released a list of service members who received 3M’s defective Combat Arms Earplugs. It is not known whether such records even exist.

What is known is that these protective devices were distributed to thousands of military members between 2003 and 2015. They were used particularly frequently in combat zones such as:

  • Iraq
  • Afghanistan
  • Pakistan
  • Somalia, and
  • Libya.

Members of the Army, Marine Corps, Navy, or Air Force who served in one of these areas from 2003 to 2015 most likely received 3M Combat Arms Earplugs.

Are you currently suffering from hearing loss or tinnitus, having been deployed to a combat zone during this period? Then you may be entitled to compensation. Reach out to the experienced personal injury attorneys here at Lattof & Lattof, PC, today to learn more about the claims process.

Injuries Associated with Defective 3M Earplugs

When 3M’s Combat Arms Earplugs fail, they allow a dangerous level of noise to enter the wearer’s ear canal. Over time, this problem can cause the wearer to suffer injuries like:


Tinnitus is the perception of a ringing, buzzing, or humming noise in the ears. This condition cannot be cured. However, masking devices, medications, and other treatments can reduce the severity of the problem.

Auditory Processing Disorder

Individuals who suffer from auditory processing disorder often have trouble understanding speech in noisy places and distinguishing between similar sounds. Hearing aids and occupational therapy can help patients live with this issue.

Sensorineural Hearing Loss

Sensorineural hearing loss occurs when the inner ear or cochlea is damaged. People who suffer from this issue often struggle to hear high-pitched noises. Though this condition is permanent, it can be improved using hearing aids and cochlear implants.

Conductive Hearing Loss

Conductive hearing loss occurs when noises cannot make it through an individual’s middle or outer ear. This condition can make it quite difficult to hear both soft and loud sounds. The effects of this health problem can be lessened using medication and surgery.

Have you been diagnosed with one of these injuries after serving in the United States military between 2003 and 2015? If so, you may be eligible to file a personal injury lawsuit against the 3m Company. When you are ready to get started, all you have to do is pick up the phone and call our Mobile law firm.

Compensation Available to Veterans Injured By Defective 3M Earplugs

The allegations that 3M sold defective earplugs to the United States military are not new. In 2016, an anonymous whistleblower filed suit against the Minnesota-based manufacturer under the False Claims Act (Lincoln Law) on behalf of the federal government. 

This suit alleged that 3M’s actions “caused thousands of soldiers to suffer significant hearing loss and tinnitus.”

As a result of the False Claims Act lawsuit, the 3M Company was forced to pay a $9.1 million settlement. Unfortunately, this money was not distributed to the injured service members. It was given directly to the federal government.

The best way for injured veterans to pursue the compensation they deserve is by filing a personal injury lawsuit against 3M. Should they choose to do so, they may be able to recover financial restitution for their:

  • Medical expenses
  • Ongoing care costs
  • Mental anguish
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of enjoyment of life, and
  • Loss of future earning capacity.

Do you need help claiming the compensation you deserve for your hearing issues? Then please do not hesitate to contact the lawyers here at Lattof & Lattof, PC. We are always ready, willing, and able to assist.

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