BP OIL Spill claims under the DeepWater Horizon Class Action Settlement agreement:

(1) SUBSISTENCE CLAIMS - For Persons who normally relied upon catching fish and seafood in order to feed and provide for their family's dietary and nutritional needs and who were prevented or restricted from doing so due to the BP Oil Spill.

(2) BUSINESS ECONOMIC LOSS - For businesses that experienced a reduction in gross revenues during the year of the BP Oil Spill(2010); ALL types of businesses - including churches, charities and non-profit businesses - are eligible in the entire state of Alabama, the entire state of Mississippi and the Florida panhandle.

(3) INDIVIDUAL ECONOMIC LOSS - For individuals who experienced a reduction in wages, salary or income during the year of the BP Oil Spill(2010).

(4) COASTAL REAL PROPERTY CLAIM - For owners of real estate located within the eligible compensation zone during the year of the BP Oil Spill(2010). Compensation under this provision is not based upon proof of any actual loss or damage to the property, but is based upon the location of the property within an eligible compensation zone.

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