Alabama Law

Are Hidden Nanny Cams Legal in Alabama?

Leaving your child in the care of another person can cause stress and anxiety. How do you know that your child receives the care and protection he or she needs? Is there a way to monitor the caregiver to ensure that your child is not mistreated while you are away? The invention of nanny cams… read more

Is it Legal to Drive Barefoot in Alabama?

Driving a car barefoot is legal in Alabama as it is in all 50 states. However, that does not mean that it is a good idea to go without shoes while driving a car. Driving barefoot can be dangerous in some situations. However, driving a motorcycle while barefoot is illegal in Alabama. According to Section… read more

What Happens if I Don’t Show up for Jury Duty?

Many people view jury duty as an inconvenience. People miss work and need to rearrange their schedules to accommodate jury duty. In some cases, they may lose income because they serve on jury duty. However, jury duty is one of the most important obligations that Americans have as citizens of the United States. The United… read more