In Alabama in 2017, a person was injured in a car accident every 11 minutes. Serious and minor, many of these accidents had life-changing consequences for victims and their families, and the injured often needed to seek compensation for their pain through a personal injury case.

Each accident victim must decide for himself how to move forward after a crash. One major decision that must be made is whether or not to seek help from an attorney.  

What an Attorney Can Do for Accident Victims

Insurance companies or at-fault drivers may try to convince victims that an attorney isn’t necessary, but an experienced injury lawyer can provide information and services that make a significant difference in the outcome of a claim. Many accident victims have little experience with law, putting them at a disadvantage. However, an experienced injury lawyer can:

  • Explain your rights fully. It’s difficult to make effective decisions if you aren’t fully aware of your legal rights. An attorney can explain all the laws pertinent to your claim.
  • Investigate your case. Gathering evidence and ascertaining a full picture of what happened can help victims make a strong case, and it can ensure that all the parties at fault are held responsible.
  • Manage paperwork and meet deadlines. The legal system is typically strict in its proceedings, and even a simple error can hurt an injury claim. An experienced lawyer knows what forms must be filed, where to find information, and what the timeline will be—from the initial demand for insurance payment all the way through trial work.
  • Negotiate with the insurance company. Insurance companies are known for pushing quick, unfair settlements onto inexperienced victims already dealing with the stress of injuries. An attorney knows these tactics and can advocate for the compensation victims deserve.
  • Provide facts and advice about settlements. If a victim does receive a settlement offer from an insurance company, how can he know if the offer is a good one? An attorney can explain what a claim is worth and provide guidance in obtaining that compensation.
  • State your case if the claim goes to court. While many claims are settled before they go to court, this is not always the case. If a claim goes to trial, an experienced attorney can ensure that your side is fully stated, complete with supporting documents, witnesses, experts, and references to applicable laws.
  • Protect your compensation from others who may seek to cash in. Even after a victim has been awarded proper compensation, there may be third parties who will seek payment. Understanding your possible liabilities and fighting bogus claims to your compensation will protect your future.

In addition to the legal aspects of your claim, there are personal elements, as well. The time after an accident is often stressful for victims and their families. They often find themselves facing new physical and financial challenges, and accident recovery can be painful and time consuming.

A skilled Mobile personal injury lawyer can lighten the load by helping to bear the burden of the legal claim. Victims and their families can focus on what really matters while an attorney meets filing deadlines, secures evidence and witnesses, makes and answers repeated phone calls with the insurance company, and much more.

Accident victims in Alabama have rights, and an experienced injury attorney can help protect those rights. At Lattof & Lattof, PC, our legal team is here to answer your questions, so you can take the most effective action and move forward as quickly as possible. Call our Mobile office today, or take a moment to fill out the contact form on this page to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation.