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Why Hire Lattof & Lattof, P.C. for Your Personal Injury Case?

Life can be overwhelming after an unexpected accident in Alabama. You might not know where to turn, what to do, or who to trust. The experienced Alabama personal injury lawyers at Lattof & Lattof, P.C., are prepared to show you why our law firm should be your first call after you get hurt.

Our family firm has more than 70 years of collective experience representing injury victims in and around Alabama. We know how much is riding on your injury case and understand how important a swift and substantial monetary recovery can be. We also know that at-fault parties and insurance companies will be working against you every step of the way. That’s why we’ll be right by your side throughout the entire claims process. We’ll fight for you as if you were family.

Give our Alabama law firm a call to arrange a free consultation. We’ll gladly review your case and put your mind at ease about any questions that you may have. There’s a limited time to act, so call us today.

Why should you hire a personal injury attorney?

You’ve Suffered A Significant Injury

Insurers Would Prefer You Didn’t Hire A Lawyer

You Deserve Maximum Compensation

Sharing Blame Can Bar a Recovery

There’s No Risk in Getting Help

If you’ve suffered a significant personal injury due to the wrongful acts of someone else, it’s crucial that you hire a personal injury attorney to help you. An unexpected accident or injury can turn your life upside down. In the days and weeks that follow, things can be chaotic and overwhelming. If your injuries are severe, you might spend a considerable amount of time in the hospital or be forced to miss time at work. To get better, you’ll really need to focus your time and attention on yourself. That’s tough to do when you’re also trying to pursue compensation or deal with insurance companies on your own. Chances are this is the first time you’ve had to deal with a serious injury claim. It just makes sense that you’re better of hiring someone, such as the personal injury attorneys at Lattof & Lattof, P.C., who deal with these types of claims on a daily basis. Injury claims are not just something we do – it’s ALL that we do!.

With our help, you’re not alone in getting the compensation you deserve. The personal injury attorneys at Lattof & Lattof, P.C., care about you. Let us take care of your legal claim so that you can take care of yourself getting well. We’ll investigate and gather the information that’s needed to maximize your recovery. We’ll do battle with insurers and work to secure a swift and substantial settlement on your behalf. We’ll keep you in the loop, but we’ll do the heavy lifting. You just focus on getting better.

There’s one thing insurance companies don’t want you to do after an accident in Alabama or anywhere and that’s to hire a personal injury lawyer. Once you get a lawyer involved, things instantly  change. Insurance adjusters can no longer get away with being manipulative. and deceptive. They can’t rely on scare tactics and fear to frighten you into accepting a low settlement. When you’re represented by a personal injury lawyer, insurance companies have to play by the rules, act in good faith, and give your claim fair consideration because we’ll take them to task if they don’t.

Insurance companies especially don’t want you to enlist the help of Lattof & Lattof, P.C. Why? Injury victims in Alabama have been calling our attorneys for over 70 years and we are well-known for being fierce and relentless advocates for injury victims. We work hard to get top results for our clients. We don’t back down and don’t advise our clients to accept less money than their cases are worth. Instead, we prepare every case we handle as if we’re definitely going to trial. And, when necessary, we won’t hesitate to go all the way with your case. Our reputation and demonstrated record of success can be a huge asset to you from the start. 

How much is your personal injury case worth? Who gets to decide? Unless you’re represented by an experienced personal injury attorney, you risk giving the insurance company control over the answer. And, that’s the last thing you want to do. Insurance companies will invest considerable time and resources into either denying your claim or driving down its value.

You can prevent insurance companies from doing that by making sure that your claim is backed by facts and proof. Better yet, make sure that your claim is backed by information and testimony from reputable specialists and professionals. Lattof & Lattof, P.C., has spent more than seven decades working to establish relationships with experts in and around Alabama. We’ll rely on their expertise as we investigate, build, and value your case. This way, we are able to really get to the bottom of what happened and determine what your case is worth. Insurers won’t be able to deny your demands in good faith when we take the time to do this.

Following an accident or unexpected injury, the parties at fault rarely rush forward to accept responsibility. Rather, they’ll probably try to point fingers and cast blame. They’ll even try to blame you. Here’s the problem – if you don’t fight back and defend yourself, you can lose the right to recover the compensation you deserve.

Unlike most states, Alabama has strict contributory negligence rules. This means that if you’re even 1% at fault in an accident, you are completely barred from recovering anything, even if the other party is 99% at fault. It’s an unfair law, but until the state legislature changes it, that’s what we have to deal with in Alabama. That’s why it is especially critical to stand up and fight any allegations that you played any role in causing your own injuries. Our attorneys are prepared to do whatever it takes to disprove allegations that could put your financial recovery in danger.

After an accident, you might not think that you can afford to hire an attorney. Between medical bills and lost wages, you’ve found yourself in an incredibly stressful financial situation. At Lattof & Lattof, P.C., we don’t want money to stand between you and the legal assistance you deserve. That’s why our Alabama personal injury law firm works on contingency.

It’s pretty simple – there is no fee unless and until we win your case. We assume the risks and front the costs associated with your case. You pay us nothing until we negotiate a settlement or win an award on your behalf. When that happens, our attorneys receive a set percentage of your monetary recovery.

You have nothing to lose when you ask for our help. So, don’t hesitate to give our law office in Alabama a call to arrange a time to discuss your case. As always, there is no cost for your initial case assessment.

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You have a limited time to file your personal injury case

Once you’ve been injured in an accident or hurt because someone was negligent, you will have a limited amount of time to demand compensation. Alabama imposes strict statutes of limitations on all personal injury cases. The timeframe that applies to your case will depend on (a) the type of claim you’re filing, (b) who the defendant is, and (c) the legal grounds supporting your case.

For most personal injury lawsuits based on negligence, the statute of limitations is two years. That means that you’ll have a maximum of two years to file a claim against at-fault parties and ask to be compensated for your injuries.

Note that there may be circumstances that permit you to have additional time to file a lawsuit. However, those situations are the exception, rather than the rule. You will lose the right to recover anything, at all, if you don’t file your claim on time. That’s why it’s critical to speak with an experienced attorney as soon as you can after you get hurt.

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Proven Experience


Recoveries for approximately 2,500 asbestos victims.


Recoveries for approximately 2,300 maritime workers.


Recoveries for approximately 1,300 victims of BP Oil Spill


Trial verdict on breach of contract claim


Settlement for shipyard worker with back and shoulder injury


Settlement for child contracting polio from polio vaccine

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Why should I file a personal injury claim?

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You deserve to be compensated.

Don’t underestimate the consequences and impact of an unexpected accident or injury in Alabama. Over the course of your lifetime, a moderate or serious injury can easily cost tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of dollars. The costs associated with injuries that result in a disability or that interfere with your ability to work can approach – or even exceed – a million dollars. These figures don’t even factor in the pain and distress you experience as a direct result of your injuries.

If someone else is to blame for your accident and injuries, they have to be held legally and financially accountable. The only way to accomplish that is by filing a personal injury claim and demanding to receive the compensation you need and deserve. Don’t do it alone. Let our personal injury lawyers in Alabama fight to maximize your monetary award.

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Client Reviews

Mitchell Lattof took care of my case from day one. I didn’t have to worry about anything. An he got me way more then I could of asked for. An always kept me informed and called to see how I was doing. I would recommend him to anyone and everyone. Awesome lawyer that went above and beyond even met me to pick up signed papers and gave me an advance to pay a bill. This is a Godly law firm!!! God bless all who work here and all the clients they encounter.

Sheila Hensley

The staff at Lattof & Lattof were great. My brother had passed away, and I I had to handle his affairs. Lattof & Lattof’s paralegal walked me through the necessary paperwork that I needed to complete in order to receive his payout from BP. They were efficient and thorough. Thank you.

Joyce Edgar

Received damage payments from the BP Oil Spill. It was a professional experience from beginning to end, would surely recommend your firm for any like problems. Was pleased with all the timely correspondence.

Rupert English


Practice Areas

Car Accidents

After a car accident in Alabama, insurance companies will try to push you around and scare you into accepting less money than your case is worth. Our attorneys won’t stand for those manipulative tactics. We’ll stand up for you and help you fight to not only recover compensation, but maximize your award. Our team will carefully investigate your crash, gather evidence to prove fault, and demand that you are paid what you deserve.

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Dog Bites

When a dog is vicious and attacks, the owner can be held financially responsible for resulting injuries. However, owners will almost certainly attempt to escape liability by saying that you provoked the dog or were trespassing at the time of the attack. If you don’t challenge these accusations, you risk losing out on valuable compensation. Our attorneys will work hard to gather the evidence that’s needed to prove that you were attacked and that there is no justification for that. Once that’s been established, the owner will have to pay up.

view practice area

Bicycle Accidents

A bicycle helmet might help to prevent serious brain trauma and death, but riders are still susceptible to catastrophic injuries if they are involved in a motor vehicle accident. Many times, cyclists play no role in causing these accidents. When that’s the case, whoever is responsible for an accident must be held accountable. Our attorneys will dig deep to determine what caused your bike accident and, in turn, who is to blame.

view practice area

Wrongful Death

When an accident victim in Alabama doesn’t survive their injuries, the at-fault party isn’t off the hook. The right to file a lawsuit and pursue compensation simply shifts to the victim’s family. By filing a wrongful death lawsuit, family members can secure a little bit of financial justice and recover life-changing compensation. Our attorneys know how tough the time after a fatal accident can be and are prepared to handle your case from start to finish.

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Slip and Fall Accidents

Following a slip and fall accident, property owners can be held financially responsible for your injuries. However, it’s not uncommon for owners and their insurance providers to search for any way to escape blame. They may even try to blame you. Our attorneys will conduct an exhaustive investigation into your accident, searching for any indication that you fell because the premises were unsafe. We’ll use that to leverage owners and insurers into paying you a fair settlement.

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Motorcycle Accidents

Many drivers in Alabama don’t like to share the road with motorcycles. So, they engage in dangerous maneuvers behind the wheel. They follow too closely and don’t leave enough room when passing. These aggressive behaviors can and do cause riders to get hurt. Riders are vulnerable to severe, catastrophic, and fatal injuries. Our legal team is prepared to help you fight to recover maximum compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, and suffering.

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Truck Accidents

Large commercial trucks log millions of miles in Alabama every single day. Many times, truck drivers are overworked and exhausted. They’re distracted behind the wheel. Unfortunately, this means that many trucks are involved in accidents. And, it’s the occupants of the smaller cars on the road who are most likely to get hurt or die in these crashes. Our attorneys will aggressively pursue damages on your behalf from the truck driver, their employer, vehicle manufacturers, and any other parties who contributed to your injuries.

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Uber Accidents

Uber drivers are perhaps the most distracted drivers on the road. They’ve always got one eye on their phone and are commonly engaged in conversation with their passengers. With their attention focused away from the road, accidents can and do happen. However, rideshare companies will deny responsibility for your injuries. Getting compensation can be complicated, but our attorneys are well-versed in the process. We’ll seek damages from the rideshare driver, their personal insurer, the rideshare company’s insurance policy, and any at-fault parties.

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And More

Whenever you are injured in an accident in Alabama, life can change in many ways. You may experience debilitating short term and long term consequences. When someone else is responsible, they have to be held accountable. Our law firm will work tirelessly to make that happen for you. We represent all injury victims in Alabama, including cases involving premises liability, defective products, and medical devices, nursing home abuse, medical malpractice, workers’ compensation, mass torts, and more. Give our law office a call to arrange a free consultation to learn more today.

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What compensation can I recover from a personal injury lawsuit?

Economic Damages

Non-economic Damages

Punitive Damages

Following an accident in Alabama, you can take a hit financially. Economic damages are paid to make up for your verifiable financial and economic costs. This can include monetary damages for:

  • Medical bills, including hospitalization, surgery, medication, and medical devices
  • Rehabilitation and therapy
  • Nursing care
  • Lost income and wages
  • Temporary and/or permanent disability, and
  • Property damage.

Financially speaking, you should be back in the position you were in before you got hurt. In most cases, there are no limits to how much you can recover in economic damages. However, there are some exceptions. Our attorneys can help you understand what exceptions might apply to your case.

Not all of the consequences of an accident can be valued in terms of dollars and cents. Some are very intimate and personal. They’re subjective and don’t come with a price tag. Non-economic awards are intended to compensate for these types of harms. Common examples include:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress
  • Loss of consortium
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Disfigurement
  • Scarring, and
  • Embarrassment.

Insurance companies will want to downplay the distress and suffering your accident has caused, while you’ll want to highlight it. Since these damages are highly subjective, it is critical to enlist the aid of experts during the valuation process.

Note that there are caps on non-economic damages in some personal injury cases, particularly those involving negligent medical professionals, small businesses, or municipalities.

Some personal injury victims will also be entitled to seek an award of punitive damages after an accident in Alabama. These are damages are paid for the sole purpose of punishing the at-fault party. Punitive damages are paid in addition to and on top of compensatory (i.e., economic and non-economic) awards.

Since these damages are intended to be a punishment, they are reserved for situations where punishment is really warranted. Under Alabama state law, punitive awards are only available in situations where it can be proven that a defendant’s conduct was deliberate or conscious with fraud, malice, oppression, or wantonness.

In Alabama, punitive awards must be no greater than three times the amount of compensatory damages. There is a hard cap of $1.5 million for punitive damages in all personal injury matters.

Hire An Experienced Alabama Personal Injury Lawyer For Help

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Were you recently involved in an accident in Alabama? Are you struggling with painful injuries and debilitating emotional distress? Are your accident-related costs and expenses adding up before your eyes? If so, please contact the experienced Alabama personal injury lawyers at Lattof & Lattof, P.C., for help. You could be entitled to compensation, and our team is prepared to help you fight to get every last dollar you need and deserve.

You probably have a lot of questions. That’s great. We’re here to answer them and help you understand your legal rights and options. All you have to do is give our injury lawyers in Alabama a call to arrange a time to sit down to discuss your case in detail. Your initial consultation is free, so reach out to us for help today.

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