Mobile Boating Accident Lawyer

Mobile Boating Accident Lawyer

Did you recently suffer an injury in a boat accident in Mobile, Alabama? You may be entitled to compensation from those responsible for the crash. The experienced Mobile boating accident lawyers at Lattof & Lattof, PC, can help you maximize your financial recovery.

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How Our Law Firm Can Help with Your Boating Accident Lawsuit

How Our Law Firm Can Help with Your Boating Accident Lawsuit

Boat accidents can wreak havoc on your health and your financial future. Fortunately, you don’t have to pick up the pieces on your own. The personal injury lawyers from Lattof & Lattof, PC, are here to help you navigate a legal claim and work toward rebuilding your life. 

Since 1952, our attorneys have been fighting on behalf of injury victims in Alabama just like you. Through hard work and dedication to our clients, we’ve successfully recovered tens of millions of dollars in settlements and jury verdicts. We’re ready to put everything we know and the full force and weight of our law firm behind your boat accident claim.

When you turn to us for help, expect us to:

  • Laucnh a thorough investigation into your boat accident
  • Analyze your boat accident and assessing your damages
  • Help you understand the legal remedies that are open to you
  • Put together a smart legal strategy for your boat crash case
  • Speak to the other party’s insurance company on your behalf
  • Discuss your case with respected industry experts
  • Provide you with honest answers to your legal questions
  • Work out a settlement deal with the other party’s insurer, if that’s in  your best interest
  • Argue on your behalf in front of a judge and jury

The knowledgeable boat accident attorneys at Lattof & Lattof, PC, have a long and proud history of standing up for the people of Mobile when they need it most. So, if you want help fighting for the compensation you need and deserve, please do not hesitate to give us a call or contact us online.

Common Causes of Boating Accidents in Mobile, AL

Accidents involving maritime vessels happen with a frightening degree of regularity in Mobile and throughout the state of Alabama. The region saw a total of 75 boat crashes in 2018 – resulting in 17 deaths.

But what causes all of these accidents to happen? In most instances, one or more of the following factors plays a contributory role:

  • Drunk boating
  • Distracted boating
  • Fatigued boating
  • Defective machinery
  • Poor boat maintenance
  • Poor visibility
  • Inclement weather conditions
  • Poorly trained crew

Did you suffer an injury at the hands of a drunk or distracted boater in the state of Alabama? If so, please do not hesitate to reach out to the team of skilled personal injury lawyers at Lattof & Lattof, PC. We will be more than happy to use our knowledge of the law to help you pursue compensation.

Proving Liability in Mobile Boating Accidents

Before Mobile boaters can recover damages for their injuries, they have to prove the defendant’s liability. Doing so typically involves showing a court that:

  • The defendant owed them a duty of care
  • The defendant’s negligence breached that duty of care
  • The defendant’s breach of duty caused them to suffer an injury
  • Their injury is as debilitating or life-threatening as they claim

Plaintiffs usually find that the most effective way to prove these points to judges and juries in Alabama is to present evidence like:

  • Crash reports
  • Video footage
  • Accident scene photos
  • Witness statements
  • Expert testimony
  • Medical records
  • Healthcare bills

The legal team at Lattof & Lattof, PC, has been assisting Mobile residents with their searches for evidence to present in court for years. As such, we know where to look and who to talk with to find the necessary documents and materials. If you would like to have us use our knowledge to help with your case, all you need to do is give us a call.

Common Injuries Sustained in Mobile Boating Crashes

Boating accidents kill hundreds of Americans every year. And people who are lucky enough to survive these crashes often suffer injuries that cause them a great deal of pain or leave them permanently disabled.

A brief list of some of the most common injuries sustained in boat crashes in Mobile would include:

Broken Bones

It is not at all unusual for Mobile residents to suffer broken bones when they get into boating accidents. These injuries primarily occur in the arms, legs, and ribcage.

People who suffer injuries of this nature may need to undergo surgery. However, most make a full recovery within a few months.

Traumatic Brain Injuries

When crashes cause boaters in Alabama to hit their heads against solid objects, they frequently sustain traumatic brain injuries and experience symptoms like:

  • Profound confusion
  • Nausea
  • Headaches
  • Vomiting
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Memory loss

Depending on the severity of the damage to the brain, these symptoms can last for as little as a couple of days or as long as multiple decades.

Spinal Cord Injuries

When boat accidents cause Mobile residents to suffer trauma to their backs, they frequently suffer spinal cord injuries. A brief list of some of the most common symptoms of ailments of this nature would include:

  • Loss of bowel control
  • Loss of bladder control
  • Loss of sexual function
  • Breathing difficulties

Many people who suffer spinal cord injuries also end up completely or partially paralyzed.

Internal Organ Injuries

The torsos of Mobile boaters often endure a lot of trauma when accidents occur. These blows can cause them to suffer internal organ injuries.

The organs most frequently damaged in boat accidents are:

  • The heart
  • The lungs
  • The liver
  • The kidneys
  • The stomach, and
  • The intestines

Did you recently suffer brain damage, a broken bone, or any other boating accident injury because of the reckless actions of another party? If so, do not hesitate to reach out to a personal injury attorney from Lattof & Lattof, PC. We have the skills and experience required to help you with your fight for the compensation you deserve.

Recovering Compensation After Boating Accidents in Mobile

The process of recovering compensation after a boat accident in the state of Alabama can be quite complicated. That’s because there are many local and federal regulations that govern the waterways in the region.

Depending on the location of their boating accident, plaintiffs may have to file for damages under maritime law, the Jones Act, or the Alabama Code.

The amount of compensation injured Alabama boaters receive when their lawsuits draw to a conclusion depends on a wide range of factors, like:

  • The cost of their initial medical treatment
  • The expenses attached to their therapies and rehabilitation
  • The fees associated with their ongoing healthcare needs
  • The cost to repair or replace their damaged property
  • The number of days they missed from their job
  • The impact their injury will have on their career prospects
  • The mental anguish they endured because of their injury
  • The effect their injury will have on their quality of life
  • The limits on the at-fault boater’s insurance policy

When Lattof & Lattof, PC, represents injured boaters in Mobile, we almost always pursue compensation for their:

  • Medical bills
  • Rehabilitation expenses
  • Ongoing healthcare costs
  • Property damage
  • Lost income
  • Loss of future earning capacity
  • Pain and suffering
  • Mental anguish
  • Loss of enjoyment of life

Unfortunately, it is not at all uncommon for Alabamians to lose their lives when they get into boating accidents. In the aftermath of deadly crashes like these, our attorneys help family members file wrongful death suits to recover compensation for their:

  • Funeral expenses
  • Loss of consortium
  • Loss of inheritance

And, because Alabama has pure contributory negligence rules, your compensation can vanish if you or your deceased family member contributed to your boat accident in any way.

Would you like to find out how much your boat accident lawsuit is worth? If so, please reach out to a knowledgeable personal injury attorney from Lattof & Lattof, PC, at your earliest convenience. We would be more than happy to examine your claim and provide you with an estimate.

Statute of Limitations for Boating Accident Lawsuits in Alabama

The standard statute of limitations for personal injury cases in the state of Alabama is two years. This law means that Mobile residents who suffer an injury in a boat crash must generally take legal action against the at-fault party before the second anniversary of their accident.

Of course, this statutory window is not set in stone. The state may choose to pause or extend it if:

  • The at-fault party flees the state of Alabama
  • A minor suffered an injury in the boat crash, or
  • The victim did not notice their injury until some time after the crash

The lawyers at Lattof & Lattof, PC, are well-versed in almost all aspects of Alabama personal injury law. So, if you would like to have us examine your situation and let you know your filing deadline, please give us a call. Once we finish your review, we can even help you get the legal process started.

Your Knowledgeable Mobile Boating Accident Lawyer

At Lattof & Lattof, PC, we pride ourselves on being there for the residents of Alabama when they need us most. So, if you want a seasoned Mobile boating accident lawyer to help you fight for the compensation you need and deserve, you can count on us. Reach out to us today to set up a free consultation with a member of our team and begin your legal journey.