IVC Filter Injury Lawyer

IVC Filter Injury Lawyer

IVC Filter devices manufactured by companies such as C.R. Bard and others have been used by doctors for a number of years as a way to reduce complications from blood clots in patients unable to safely take blood thinner medications. 

Patients with blood clots in their arms, legs or pelvic areas risk complications including stroke and death from the blood clots breaking loose and traveling to their lungs, brain or other areas of their body. In order to reduce this risk, IVC Filters, which are metal devices resembling small cages, are surgically implanted into the patient’s largest vein (inferior vena cava) and works by breaking up any clot that comes into contact with the filter.

What Is the Problem With IVC Filters?

Unfortunately, it has been realized over the past several years that some brands of IVC Filters carry a significant risk of causing serious complications, such as when the filter breaks/fractures, or migrates/moves or causes infections. When medical device injuries such as these happen, patients often bring about legal matters to obtain compensation. 

Litigation Against Manufacturers

Due to the prominence of these complications, there have been several thousand lawsuits filed against various manufacturers of IVC Filters claiming that filters are defective and dangerous and that they were sold without adequate warnings about the risks. Some of the more problematic IVC Filters include:

  • G2 IVC Filter System / G2 IVC Retrievable Filter System
  • Tulip IVC Filter
  • C.R. Bard IVC Filter Cone Removal Kit
  • C.R. Bard Simon Nitinol IVC Filter
  • Meridian Filter
  • Celect IVC Filter
  • Greenfield IVC Filter
  • Denali Filter

What If You Think You May Have a Problem From an IVC Filter?

If you or a loved one suffered any of these symptoms or problems following the implant of an IVC Filter, you or they may be entitled to financial compensation for medical bills, lost wages, emotional distress, pain, suffering and disability resulting from those complications. Call Lattof & Lattof today for a free injury consultation regarding your potential rights. Remember that claims of this type usually have a certain time limitation within which you may take action, so it is important that you make the call as soon as you can so as to preserve your rights.