Motorcycle Accidents and Product Liability

Motorcycle crashes can lead to serious, even fatal injuries. In many cases, injured victims deserve compensation, especially when the accidents are caused by defective motorcycle parts. But how do you determine who is responsible for these accidents?

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Motorcycle Defect Accidents

It is widely known that riding on a motorcycle can be dangerous. With virtually no protection around them, motorcyclists and their passengers are at high risk of sustaining injuries. Although many accidents are caused by other drivers, a significant amount of Alabama motorcycle crashes are caused by defective motorcycle parts.

Types of Motorcycle Defects

Millions of motorcycles are built, distributed, and sold each year. Although most of them operate without any flaws or defects, unfortunately, some do not. Faulty motorcycle parts and defective motorcycle equipment lead to many serious accidents each year. Common motorcycle-related defects include the following:

Brake Failure – Brake failure is one of the most common and dangerous malfunctions on a motorcycle. A motorcyclist might be unable to slow down or stop if their bike has faulty brake parts or if their brakes were improperly installed or maintained by a repair shop.

Defective Tires – Faulty tires are a major problem for motorcyclists. Defective tires can cause the tire tread to separate and cause a blowout. After a tire blows, a biker can quickly and easily lose control and crash since they are only riding on two tires.

Cracked or Weak Frame – Poor construction or defective materials can affect the integrity of the motorcycle frame and ultimately lead to structural failure. In fact, even a minor fracture can lead to a cracked frame and expose the rider to the risk of a serious accident.

Faulty Fuel System – A design flaw or product defect in the gas tank or fuel system can cause a fuel leak which can in turn lead to a motorcycle fire. Even small defects can result in burns to the rider.

Defective Helmet – An accessory, such as a motorcycle helmet, can have defects or design flaws that can weaken its integrity and therefore result in serious injury to the motorcyclist and/or their passenger.

Design Defects – Inherent flaws with the design of a motorcycle part or the motorcycle itself can make it hard to operate and more prone to accidents.

Who is Responsible?

Determining who is responsible in a motorcycle product liability case can be challenging. It takes a thorough investigation into the crash and often requires expert testimony as to how and why the defective part or design ultimately led to the accident.

Several parties can be held liable in these types of motorcycle crashes. However, some of the more common parties include the following:

  • Designers
  • Manufacturers
  • Repair technicians
  • Repair shops
  • Wholesalers
  • Distributors
  • Retail stores

Although any of the above parties can be held liable in a motorcycle crash, typically, most defective motorcycle part accidents involve negligence on behalf of the manufacturer or repair shop.

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