After a car accident, victims have a lot of decisions to make, including whether to pursue a legal claim against the person responsible for their injuries. Victims may hesitate to file a claim because they’re unsure of their rights, they fear legal action will be expensive or time- consuming, and, in some cases, they worry about appearing in court.

Settling an Alabama Injury Claim Outside of Court

If you are an accident victim apprehensive about navigating the legal system, there’s some good news. In the U.S., the vast majority of car accident injury claims are settled before they go to court. In most cases, the injury victim and the at-fault driver (or typically his insurance company) are able to reach an agreement on a fair settlement and avoid appearing before a judge. Going to court can be unpredictable and uncertain for both sides, so it is usually in everyone’s best interest to reach a compromise.

When a Settlement Agreement Isn’t Possible

In some cases, reaching a settlement agreement may not be possible. This typically happens when the two sides disagree on who is at fault for the accident or how much compensation is appropriate. In Alabama, the rules about fault are extremely strict, and the at-fault driver may be looking to shift some of the blame in an attempt to avoid payment.

At these times, however, an experienced Mobile personal injury attorney can help victims feel confident about going to trial by:

  • Fully explaining the legal process and what to expect inside the courtroom
  • Reviewing specific information pertaining to the case and questions that may be asked
  • Standing up in court alongside accident victims

Contact an Experienced Alabama Attorney About Your Claim

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