Workers’ Compensation

How Does a Workers’ Comp Lawsuit Work?

What You Should Know If Your Initial Claim is Denied Worker’s compensation claims allow victims injured on their jobs to recover compensation. Most people injured on the job in Alabama are covered by the Alabama Worker’s Compensation Act, which makes it mandatory for businesses to carry worker’s compensation insurance if they have five or more… read more

Important Things You Must Know If Injured On-The-Job In Alabama

On-the-job injuries in Alabama are an all too common occurrence. In 2021, there were almost 33,000 workers injured in the state which means around 90 injuries per day. Every 3 days someone is killed in Alabama while working on-the-job. Whether you’ve been injured or not (hopefully not), there are certain things that you need to… read more

Who Can File a Jones Act Claim?

Understanding Your Rights If You Are an Injured Seamen The Jones Act is a federal law that entitles seamen to compensation if they are injured within the course of their employment. Determining if you are eligible to file a Jones Act claim can be challenging without the help of an attorney. It is strongly recommended… read more

What Does Alabama Workers’ Compensation Insurance Cover

Workplace injuries are common. When they happen, it can be devastating for the injured employee if they are forced to take time off of work to heal. Before Alabama instituted workers’ compensation laws, employees had to sue employees for their injuries. The Alabama laws governing the amount of weekly coverage available to those who are… read more