Mobile Toxic Torts Lawyer

Mobile Toxic Torts Lawyer

If you were injured from ingesting a dangerous or toxic substance in one of your products, you should contact an experienced Mobile toxic torts lawyer to seek compensation for your damages. The attorneys at Lattof & Lattof, P.C. have over 100 years of combined experience helping injury victims in Mobile, AL.

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We Help Victims Nationwide Get Justice for Injuries Caused by Toxic Torts

Lattof & Lattof Attorneys fight for the rights of injured consumers across the United States, giving step-by-step legal counsel to help victims and their families recover. From your first consultation to the conclusion of your case, we offer straightforward advice that addresses your most pressing needs, and we do not collect any payment from you until your case is won. Contact us today to speak with an attorney and to schedule your free consultation with our Mobile office.

What Is a Toxic Tort?

If a victim is poisoned, infected, or injured by exposure to a dangerous substance, he or she may file a special kind of product liability case known as a toxic tort. A toxic tort allows victims to hold someone liable for harm caused by a chemical, mineral, drug, or other substance that led to serious illness or death.

Some of the toxic tort claims our law firm handles include:

  • Asbestos. Asbestos was used in a variety of industrial and consumer products before it was discovered to cause cancer. Our attorneys have handled thousands of asbestos cases over the past 40 years, fighting for victims who have suffered mesothelioma, lung cancer, and other life-altering injuries.
  • Benzene. This chemical commonly used in manufacturing processes has been designated a human carcinogen, causing some people to suffer a variety of cancers including acute myeloid leukemia (AML). We have helped several victims and their families who were injured by toxic exposure to benzene.

No Matter Where You Are, We Can Give You the Counsel You Need to Recover

There are many advantages to filing a claim against the manufacturer of a dangerous product. The company may be forced to pay for the victim’s medical bills and lost wages, compensate family members for the wrongful death of a relative, and even pay punitive damages as punishment for causing harm. In addition, a successful case may include an order from the judge—such as stronger warning labels or steep fines—that prohibit the manufacturer from hurting others in the future.

If you have been injured or have lost a loved one due to a dangerous product or toxic substance, we can advise you of your options at no cost to you. Give us a call today at (800) 239-2612 or fill out the quick contact form on this page to begin your free consultation.