RoundUp Injury Lawyer

Do you need a RoundUp injury lawyer? RoundUp is the brand name of a type of herbicide / weed killer developed by the Monsanto Company and first marketed in 1973. It has been and continues to be used extensively around the world in a variety of applications, including farming, commercial, industrial, agricultural, lawn care, and residential. Over that time, RoundUp had been one of the most popular and effective herbicide / weed killers on the market. In 2016 Bayer (of Bayer Aspirin fame) purchased Monsanto and all of its products, including RoundUp, for $66 billion. Because part of this deal included assumption of all of Monsanto’s RoundUp litigation liabilities, this has since been deemed as the worst corporate merger/acquisition in history.

What Is the Problem With RoundUp?

The main active ingredient in RoundUp is glyphosate which has been linked by various medical/scientific studies to a number of health issues, including cancers – primarily cancers of the blood such as Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma, certain leukemias, and lymphomas. There are also other lesser ingredients in RoundUp which are likewise suspected of causing serious health issues. Use of RoundUp – even in a residential setting – can easily expose the user and others in the area to RoundUp via inhalation or direct skin contact – and thereby significantly increase a person’s chances of developing one of these medical conditions. Despite being aware of the potential dangers posed by exposure to RoundUp, Bayer/Monsanto has yet to issue any warnings concerning use of RoundUp and they still as of early 2024 maintain that RoundUp is perfectly safe and poses absolutely no threat. They do this despite the fact that many cities, states, countries, and businesses have banned the use of RoundUp and despite the fact that Bayer/Monsanto has removed RoundUp from the market in other countries – but NOT in the U.S.

RoundUp Litigation

There have been some 150,000 individual claims filed against Bayer/Monsanto by victims claiming that they contracted Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma and other medical conditions and cancers as a result of RoundUp exposure. At one point, Bayer/Monsanto agreed to pay approximately $10 billion to settle 96,000 cases, but many thousand remain unsettled. Juries have awarded BILLIONS of dollars worth of verdicts against Bayer/Monsanto. All of these cases are based upon the theory that Bayer/Monsanto had for many years been aware of evidence linking the use of RoundUp to development of these cancers and other diseases and have intentionally chosen not to warn the public of the risk.

What If You Think You May Have a Problem From RoundUp?

If you or a loved one used RoundUp and developed conditions such as Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma or other leukemias or lymphomas, you or they may be entitled to financial compensation for medical bills, lost wages, emotional distress, pain, suffering and disability resulting from the cancer. Call Lattof & Lattof today and ask to speak with a RoundUp injury lawyer for a free case evaluation regarding your potential rights. Remember that claims of this type usually have a certain time limitation within which you may take action, so it is important that you make the call as soon as you can so as to preserve your rights.