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Companies that manufacture, distribute or sell products have a legal obligation to make sure those products are safe for their intended uses. If you are injured because a product was defective, you should seek the help of an experienced Mobile product liability lawyer. The attorneys at Lattof & Lattof, P.C., can help you seek compensation for your injuries.

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High Number of Defective Product Injuries Each Year

The most recent information from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission indicates that each year, there are in excess of 35 million people who are injured or killed due to use of consumer products. This is some 1 out of every 10 people in the country. There are 10’s of thousands more who are injured or killed due to use of industrial products. The great majority of these injuries could have been avoided if the manufacturers, distributors or sellers had taken the proper additional steps to eliminate and reduce the dangers of these products.

These steps which fall into 3 broad categories – defective design, defective construction, defective warnings/instruction –  might include such things as:

  • Better product design
  • Use of better materials
  • Better testing and engineering
  • Better assembly and construction
  • Addition of safety guards, devices, barriers and switches
  • Proper warnings and instructions as to potential hazards and proper use of the product

An example of defective design would be such things as:

  • A child’s toy with small parts which might create a choking hazard;
  • An automobile which has a tendency to flip over during sharp turns;
  • A fan with a guard which doesn’t prevent fingers from reaching the blade;

An example of defective construction would be such things as:

  • A ladder sold with a broken step;
  • A seat belt with a latch that comes loose unexpectedly;
  • A drug which contains dangerous impurities;

An example of defective warnings/instructions would be such things as:

  • Failure to warn of the recommended weight capacity of a swing set;
  • Failure to provide adequate instructions for the safe use of a chainsaw;
  • Failure to warn that excessive use of a particular drug could lead to addiction;

Hire A Skilled Mobile Product Liability Lawyer

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