For accident victims, financial worries are frequently among their top concerns. Growing medical bills, missing work, and lifestyle changes add even more pressure to those already dealing with physical and emotional pain. It’s natural, then, that victims and their families may hesitate to contact a car accident attorney because they worry about spending money during such a difficult time.

At Lattof & Lattof, P.C. our legal team understands these fears, and we provide a fee arrangement that ensures victims have effective representation. 

Our Lawyers Offer Clients a Contingency Fee Agreement

Our attorneys offer accident victims what is known as a contingency fee agreement. With this type of arrangement, attorneys don’t get paid unless the claim is successful. When your claim is settled or you are awarded compensation by the courts, legal fees are then paid out of that recovery.

Typically, the attorney and client agree on a certain percentage from the outset, and that percentage is taken out of the award. Accident victims and their families do not have to worry about hefty retainers or constant bills.

Other Expenses Associated With Your Claim

While injury victims do not have to pay any legal fees up front, there may be some other nominal costs associated with your claim. This could include filing fees, payment for hiring expert witnesses, costs to copy medical records, and other similar charges. Typically, these fees are nominal, and in some cases, it is even possible to pay these costs later out of the case award.

The Cost of Not Hiring an Experienced Injury Attorney

Even with this flexible type of fee arrangement, some victims and their families may wonder if they can achieve the same outcome on their own. While in some small and straightforward cases this may be true, it can be difficult.

Typically, injury victims with attorneys are able to obtain more compensation than those without—even after paying legal fees. Investigating the case, navigating the legal system, and negotiating with insurance companies can be complicated and frustrating. The compensation provided by a successful case can protect victims and their families for years to come.

At Lattof & Lattof, our legal team has helped many Alabama injury victims successfully move forward after an accident. Call our Mobile office today, or fill out the contact form on this page to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation.