Next Steps After Suffering Loss

No one expects the unthinkable, but whether it be a negligent driver, property owner, or employer, tragic accidents take thousands of lives each year. Negligent parties ought to be held accountable for the sudden and shocking loss of life. 

At Lattof & Lattof, P.C., we represent individuals who have suffered the loss of a loved one. Our attorneys understand how difficult this time may be for you and your family. We are here to help provide you with the resources and legal solutions you need and deserve. 

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When someone experiences the death of a loved one, the resulting grief and pain can be overwhelming. While this is an emotional time, it’s important to consider taking legal action with a wrongful death claim if the death was caused by another person’s negligence or malicious intent. 

A wrongful death claim can provide closure and justice for the tragedy that has occurred and can also help to financially provide for any dependents left behind after the loss of a breadwinner.

Securing Financial Relief

Besides providing closure and a sense of justice, filing a wrongful death claim can also bring financial relief to those affected. Depending on the state where you live, there are certain statutory damages that may be recovered through such a lawsuit in addition to any punitive damages or compensation for lost wages or medical expenses related to the decedent’s injury prior to their death.

Filing a wrongful death claim with an experienced lawyer will give grieving families access to these rights as well as additional monetary awards such as compensation for mental anguish, loss of companionship, funeral expenses, etc.

A wrongful death claim should not be taken lightly because it requires evidence to prove both negligence and causation. However, having an attorney who understands how laws differ from state-to-state in regards to wrongful deaths can be beneficial when determining whether or not you have a case worth pursuing. 

An experienced lawyer in this area of law knows how best to pursue justice for your family by gathering evidence, witness testimonies, expert opinions and other relevant documents needed for your case. 

Hiring an Experienced Lawyer

Legal counsel is invaluable when navigating through this difficult period in order to help ensure that you receive all possible compensation from the negligent party responsible for your loved one’s untimely demise.

We understand the pain of losing a loved one unexpectedly. With compassionate representation for aggrieved families, we will bring your case to justice. If you want to file a wrongful death claim with an experienced law firm, contact us at contact our office at (251) 325-3060 to schedule a free consultation.